Heaven 105

Heaven 105

A friend of mine went to be with the Lord in 2013 after a lengthy battle with cancer.  He was a dear brother in Christ who came to know the Lord later in life. Tyler Makepeace was a well-known lawyer in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  After he was saved, he told everyone he met about the Lord and was a bright and shining light wherever he went.

I had grown to really love him in the Lord and before he died I was already thinking about missing his friendship and fellowship.

He was bed-ridden in the last months of his life as he was fading away.  I tried to write encouraging e-mails each day to him and his wife Julie. One late night I thought about Tyler entering heaven and thought that I should encourage him about what he was soon to see.  Based on this, I began to send e mails to him and his wife about Heaven each night before I went to bed. The next morning his wife would read what I sent to him and they both turned their thoughts toward heaven and what was next.

I got the idea to write a “white paper” on Heaven, starting in Genesis and finishing in Revelation.  I tried to simply stick to Bible verses and let him know what it said. Before he died I was able to finish the study and came up with 105 things about Heaven, thus “Heaven 105”.

I have to admit that many times late at night when wrote these thoughts that Heaven became very real to me and frankly it was tough to go to sleep as I was so excited to see Jesus also.

I hope you might be encouraged as you think on the Word of God about our eternal Home!

White paper on Heaven: HEAVEN 105